Our Team


Although from varied backgrounds, our leaders share a common vision and values; They possess a passion for building, a devotion to clients, a dedication to ensuring the company’s – and people’s – continued growth and prosperity.

Teamwork is an essential part of the our culture. Samarth developers combines a rigorous focus on outstanding construction with a dedication to superior client service. Our mission demonstrates our clear-cut ability to put our values and mission into action.

We at Samarth developers work as one family with a shared sense of values held in high esteem. Responsibility, dedication, perseverance and innovation are the key words that inspire us and as a culture these permeate our entire work atmosphere.

Mr. Leeladhar Sarang


Business Associate

Mr.Leeladhar Sarang is the Founder of Samarth developers, which is a successful developer in construction field. He has lived very inspiring life, which has become a proud legacy of Samarth developers. He shifted from Malvan  in 1986 to Chiplun and started as a mere sales person in a shop to make some money for his family in Malvan. Driven by the ambition of making his mark and aided by steely determination, he started his own business of trading in 1990. It was only a beginning and he strives to convert it in present day success story. He is the driving force behind the entire group and has actively passed on his values and principles. He started his career in a construction field in 2001, and today  Samarth developers is one of the most sought after constructing his first project “Samarth Krupa” in Dhuriwada, Malvan. Today, Samarth developer is one of the leading developer in Sindhudurg and they hold the reputation of being the most preferred partner for leading field of construction.

Mr.  Omkar Samant


Business Associate

Mr. Omkar Samant is co-partnerin Samarth developers in Malvan. He is the one of the leading person in construction field in Chiplun. Mr. omkar has always prided himself on producing quality projects that are considerate of both their environment and their impact on the community.

Kambale Associates Chiplun

Architectural consultant

Offering architectural consultancy services, housing services, commercial designing services etc. Established in 1989. Mr. Anujkumar Mishra is a partner of Kambale associates.

Mr. Sameer Malvankar



Mr. Sameer Malvankar, has been into the field of Construction and Development for more than three years, and has handled several projects of this nature. Driven, detail-oriented and extremely talented,  ability to multi-task allow him to successfully do the task.

Mr. Nilesh Talashilkar


Mr. Nilesh Talashilkar, has been into the field of Construction and Development for more than four years, and has handled several projects of this nature.

Mr.  Prasannakumar Mayekar

prasanna mayekar

Sales department
Mr. Prasannakumar Mayekar is a part of Samarth developers in Malvan associate with  sales department. He is the one of the leading person in digital promotion media from last 10 year.

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