Why Malvan?


Why should we invest in Malvan?

  • A tourist destination, famous for its pristine beaches, sea fort Sindhudurg and many old temples .
  • The sleepy villages in and around Malvan are increasingly turning into an attractive investment destination, given its proximity to Mumbai and Pune.
  • The calm and serene environment and the picturesque view are the key factors that have attracted most of the home buyers. Malvan is primarily a coastal area therefore the location is packed with beaches, trees, occasional forests and soaring mountains. Due to the verdant surroundings, normally the temperature of Malvan is less than the scorching Mumbai/pune temperature.It is perfect location if you want to enjoy peaceful living with a status symbol.

City infrastructure?

  • Malvan was one of the most preferred places for second homes or vacation homes but due to the increasing facilities and the excellent connectivity to the financial capital, the city is now steadily emerging as a residential locality. Due to the increasing demand for land in Malvan, Many big investors are started to invest in Malvan properties.
  • Few years back traveling to this location was a bit difficult but because of Konkan rail and improving roads increase ¬†convenience of the visitors.
  • The developed infrastructure has cut down arriving time. A goan airport in Dabholim is just 180 Km from Malvan. A new domestic airport is going to start in Chipi, around 20 km from Malvan.

Kind of food?

  • Coastal cuisine in Malvan? No big surprise there. The taste and price for the food? Now, that is mind-blowing. You will enjoy the scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at prices that will awestruck you. You will be enthused to spread across the buzz about it.
  • The restaurants, hotels and resorts is where all the gourmands should head if you are traveling to Malvan and its nearby places for a weekend trip or even for a day. They are a clean, no-fuss eating places with warm, friendly services by the owners and waiters.
  • Visit these places once and you would definitely plan to head back.

When is the good time of the year to visit Malvan?

  • The best time to visit Malvan is from November to July when the
    temperature is cool and the weather is conducive enough to relax on the beaches.
  • From August to October, during the rainy season, visitors can expect frequent downpours that prevent sightseeing.


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